Porsche has expanded its partnership with Google and will offer the tech giant’s services for navigation, speech, and app ecosystem in future vehicle generations. The OEM confirmed plans to begin producing vehicles with these integrated services in the middle of the decade.

This integration of the Google ecosystem will include Google Maps, Google Assistant, and the Google Play Store – through which users will be able to find and download additional apps. These services will be accessible through the Porsche Communication Management (PCM) system, the OEM’s proprietary infotainment system that includes regular OTA updates to keep it up to date.

In the future, Porsche will look to integrate similar ecosystems from different providers directly into the vehicle through standardized interfaces and platforms. Here, the PCM system will become a key part of the digital ecosystem offered to Porsche customers globally and facilitate the OEM offering the Google built-in infotainment system as a next step in its long-term partnership with the tech giant.