The Electric Circuit, BC Hydro, and ChargeHub have partnered to launch Agora – an EV roaming service supported by Natural Resources Canada.

The initiative aims to accelerate widespread EV adoption by promoting EV roaming. Here, Agora’s primary objective will be to raise awareness and offer educational materials, while highlighting the possibility for EV drivers and fleet managers in Canada to utilize a unified account for seamless connectivity across several charging networks.  

EV roaming itself provides access to a maximum number of public charging stations, while also enabling EV drivers to use their preferred method of activation and payment. In promoting this offering, Agora is proposing a bilingual pan-Canadian campaign to raise awareness of the subject not only among the general public, but also among fleet managers and industry players.

The companies behind the initiative highlights Agora’s key features – including a website designed to answer key questions about EV roaming, and a tool to find charging networks compatible with essential mobility services in both Canada and the U.S. Agora will also provide statistics on the state of interoperability in Canada, alongside dedicated resources for the industry.

Furthermore, various industry partners, including Nissan, VinFast, Ivy Charging Network, Hypercharge, SWTCH, ATCO, NB Power, Chargelab, Bectrol, Electric Vehicle Society, Running Electric campaign, Propulsion Québec, and the Quebec Electric Vehicle Association (AVEQ), are also lending their support to the Agora initiative. The collaboration ultimately aims to enhance EV roaming infrastructure and provide Canadians with an optimal charging experience.

This industry initiative was facilitated by a $184,369 CAD ($134,534 USD / €122,919) investment to Mogile Technologies Inc (ChargeHub’s parent company) provided through Natural Resources Canada’s Zero Emissions Vehicle Awareness Initiative. These funds will be used to support Agora’s core mission to drive EV adoption through an enhanced charging and payment experience for EV drivers and commercial fleet managers.