Exicom, a manufacturer of EV charging systems based in India, has announced its entry into the UK and Europe market. The company plans to strengthen its distribution channel and will be providing EV chargers through direct sales channels too.

Marking the latest step in its global expansion strategy, Exicom more broadly identified Europe as a key market for its home charging and business-focused solutions. The company promoted its entry into the market at the London EV Show, where it unveiled its Harmony Direct DC 360 Fast Charger. The new charger works to meet the requirements of today’s EV drivers, and will support charge point operators in the installation of fast-charging stations.

Setting the benchmark with up to 360kW of power and a modular design, it aims to provide a quick charging experience for upcoming EVs. Exicom has designed these DC chargers for installation at fueling stations, retail locations, and highways as well as commercial premises to charge electric fleets.

The event also saw Exicom reveal the ‘Spin Air’ EV AC Charger for the home. Its solar compatibility allows users to harness renewable energy, while load balancing and power sharing ensure optimal energy distribution within the home environment. Its integration with Exicom’s Spin Control mobile app allows users to remotely monitor, schedule, and receive real-time updates on their charging sessions.