Lotus has launched a series of proprietary EV charging solutions, including an ultra-fast 450 kW DC charger, a power cabinet, and a modular unit that enables up to four vehicles to be charged simultaneously.

Designed for use by commercial EV fleets, the new suite of Lotus charging solutions is led by the OEM’s Liquid-Cooled All-in-One DC charger that offers ultra-fast charging up to 450 kW. Using the charger, Lotus was able to replenish up to 88.5 miles (142 km) of the Eletre R’s driving range in around five minutes, while a 10% to 80% charge can be achieved in 20 minutes with a range extension of 74 miles (120 km) from a five-minute charge when using a 350 kW rapid charger.

The Liquid-Cooled Power Cabinet is intended for installation in spaces that require high energy to increase efficiency and minimize charging time, such as motorway rest stops, and offers a maximum power output of 480 kW. When used with the Power Cabinet, Lotus’ Liquid-Cooled Charging Unit can charge up to four vehicles at once. With a maximum current output of 600 Amp, the unit works to meet a variety of charging needs – from a short top-up during a journey to a fast-charge for long distance driving. In adopting liquid-cooled technologies across its range of commercial charging solutions, Lotus is aiming to decrease charging speeds while increasing the ease and accessibility of the overall charging experience.

The solutions have already been deployed in China and are expected to roll out across the Europe and Middle East regions in Q2 2024. Lotus will also launch its solutions in further markets, though their availability in these markets will be announced at a later date.