BYD has selected AWS as its preferred cloud provider in a new partnership that will support its connected vehicle platform and overall global business. Announced at AWS’ re:Invent conference, the partnership will offer BYD access to various AWS systems and technologies, including its Amazon Simple Storage Service for vehicle system data.

The OEM had previously used the Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) and CloudFront services to develop a connected vehicle architecture capable of deploying new functions and applications automatically, such as the latest navigation or infotainment services, in real time. Collectively, AWS’ services will offer BYD drivers a broader range of personalized driving and in-car entertainment experiences, including voice-activated temperature, music and feature control in different languages, alongside remote pre-heating and cooling.

A key entertainment experience enabled through the collaboration is the standard inclusion of Amazon Music across all new BYD vehicles. Through it, users will be able to explore their music library or control a playlist or podcast through voice commands. For existing BYD owners, the feature will be made available for additional models in Europe through an OTA update.

Running its connected vehicle platform on AWS will allow BYD to globally deliver automated updates for its vehicles that enhance their safety, operations, maintenance efficiency, and more. In the future, these updates will allow drivers to access remote features on the BYD smartphone app, including the ability to monitor the status of their vehicle, including its current battery charge and driving range, remotely lock and unlock its doors and windows, and locate it in a parking lot.

The partnership will extend beyond the vehicle, working to ensure the security of driver data. Here, BYD will use AWS capabilities to manage vehicle security while improving governance and maintaining regulatory compliance for its overseas connected vehicle platform. The OEM’s seven-layer protection for its connected vehicle applications leverages a broad set of AWS security, identity, and compliance services that also guard against against common vulnerabilities and cyberattacks.