Gracenote, a provider of global entertainment metadata, has revealed Gracenote Nexus Auto, its new automotive data platform that will allow OEMs to access its entertainment datasets and power differentiated in-car media experiences. The platform works with Android Automotive OS and other industry operating systems, enabling car brands to simplify integration with their infotainment offerings while reducing development times.

Nexus Auto delivers Gracenote’s metadata for radio stations, music streaming, podcasts, sports, TV shows and movies to new infotainment systems through connected APIs. This empowers automakers to create branded in-car entertainment experiences with customizable features and advanced functionalities that are compatible across a broad range of models.

The platform will also allow OEMs to deliver content-first experiences that unite different platforms, apps, and media types. This functionality will, in turn, allow customers to engage with their preferred radio stations, music services, and video streaming platforms while linking to related content through the in-vehicle infotainment interface. At the same time, it also enables personalized recommendations based on content preferences, user activity and other contextual signals.

Here, customers following a soccer game can receive timely match updates when their favorite clubs are playing, while a prompt will appear offering them the chance to stream games when parked. Television offers a similar use case, where customers can watch episodes while charging an EV, or when parked. In implementing Nexus Auto in these and further in-vehicle entertainment use cases, Gracenote is aiming to provide automotive customers with a range of new, interconnected, entertainment experiences.