Hyundai Mobis has announced the establishment of its new ‘Electrification Research Center’ within the Hyundai Motor Group’s Uiwang R&D Center in Gyeonggi Province, South Korea.

The newly established facility spans nine floors, from four underground floors to five above-ground, and serves as a comprehensive research center for developing core electrification components, including R&D, testing, performance evaluation, and quality analysis. The facility will also help the Hyundai Motor Group company consolidate its R&D capabilities in electrification, that were previously spread across its Mabuk R&D Center in Yongin, Uiwang, and Seosan, to improve efficiency while proactively responding to the expanding electrification market.

With the establishment of its specialized research institute, Hyundai Mobis now operates two research bases in Korea, the Mabuk R&D Center and the newly opened Uiwang R&D Center. The Mabuk facility leads the development of core auto components, such as autonomous driving, connectivity, and chassis safety, while the Uiwang R&D Center specializes in the development, testing, and performance evaluation of electrification components. The company also independently operates the Seosan Proving Ground, through which these developments are applied to actual vehicles to assess their performance and reliability.

More broadly, the facility will support Hyundai Mobis as it looks to progress its future strategy to become a mobility platform provider with a software-centric integrated solution. Electrification will play a key role in this strategy, making the new Uiwang facility a strong component within it.