Continental has announced a new collaboration with Synopsys to accelerate the development and validation of software features and applications for the Software-Defined Vehicle (SDV).

Through it, Synopsys’ virtual prototyping solutions for virtual Electronic Control Units (vECU) will be integrated within Continental’s Automotive Edge (CAEdge) cloud-based development framework. This integration will enable digital twin capabilities for software development aimed at helping OEMs accelerate software development, and their time to market.

CAEdge provides automakers and their partners with a cloud-based development environment for software-intensive vehicle architectures that accelerates the development of software solutions. Its modular hardware and software platform connects the vehicle to the cloud, and features a virtual workbench to develop, supply and maintain software-intensive system functions. Within this framework, digital representations of physical devices, such as vECUs and the digital twin, facilitate the development and validation of software solutions prior to general hardware availability.

The Synopsys virtual prototyping tools simplify the deployment of individual vECU and vehicle digital twins by combining multiple vECUs with vehicle dynamics, sensor, and environment simulations. They support the full range of vECUs abstraction (from L1 through to L4), mixed abstraction vehicle simulation, and come with a comprehensive library of models. Together, with CAEdge, developers can benefit from the full power of a digital twin in the development pipeline for the SDV – automating both the software validation and delivery process during development, and throughout the vehicle’s entire lifecycle.