Honda unveils two new global EV concept models

Honda has revealed the ‘Honda 0 Series’, its upcoming global EV line up set to debut in 2026. Unveiled at CES 2024, the line up was showcased through two concept models called Saloon and Space-Hub. At the trade show, the OEM also its new ‘H’ mark, which will exclusively be designated for, and feature on, its next-generation EV models.

In 2026, Honda plans to launch the first model in its 0 Series globally, making its debut in North America before rolling out to Japan, Asia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and South America. In the longer-term, Honda is looking to achieve carbon neutrality across all its products and corporate operations by 2050. In line with this commitment, the OEM is pursuing its electrification goal of achieving 100% global sales of EVs and FCEVs by 2040.

Hyundai Mobis showcases future of EVs with Mobion concept

Hyundai Mobis, a Hyundai Motor Group subsidiary, has revealed Mobion – a concept EV featuring an advanced ‘e-Corner System’ motion technology. This enables a range of dynamic movement capabilities such as lateral movement, diagonal driving, and pivot turns. The e-Corner System also allows for independent control of each of the concept’s four wheels, facilitated by four key technologies. At the base of this dynamic motion is the EV’s “In-Wheel” technology, that directly propels it forward.

Vinfast unveils EV pickup truck concept – VF Wild

The all-new electric pickup concept marks VinFast’s first pick-up model, reflecting the new OEM’s dedication to both expansion and sustainability. The concept’s dimensions place it in the mid-size pickup category, and represents a collaborative effort between VinFast and Gomitiv – a design studio based in Australia.