Mapbox has partnered with Hyundai Autoever, an automotive software subsidiary of the Hyundai Motor Company, on the development of an AI-powered digital ecosystem centered around MapGPT – Mapbox’s location-intelligent, conversational, AI voice assistant.

The companies have already demonstrated the solution in a proof of concept, and confirmed that they are now taking joint steps to commercialize it. The collaboration will work to expand the role of AI navigation plays within Hyundai Autoever’s vision of digitally enhanced vehicles.

With its proactive location intelligence updated with Mapbox’s location data, MapGPT provides drivers with intelligent recommendations for a smoother and safer travel experience that works to enhance the driving experience. This includes dynamic routing around traffic congestion and timely weather warnings.

Integrating MapGPT into vehicles, while also offering it as a companion smartphone app will create digital experience for drivers to access and manage their vehicle’s systems, inside the car or remotely. MapGPT itself enables drivers to use voice commands to control in-vehicle systems, including climate control, windows, and music. Third-party integrations with popular external apps such as OpenTable and TripAdvisor will further enrich the overall driving experience. Leveraging its partnership with Hyundai, Mapbox announce that Korean language support will be added to MapGPT, alongside local search for Korea provided by Hyundai Autoever.

The collaboration between Mapbox and Hyundai Autoever will also incorporate specialized support for EV, with the Mapbox for EV system, and integrate Mapbox 3D Navigation.