OneD Battery Sciences, a supplier of silicon anode technologies for EV batteries, and Koch Modular, a process engineering design and modular construction company, have announced a strategic partnership centered on enabling the large-scale production of silicon-graphite anode materials for the next generation of affordable EVs.

Leveraging Koch Modular’s experiences in silane gas manufacturing, OneD’s Sinanode technology efficiently converts silane into nano-silicon inside graphite anode materials that are already qualified by EV battery cell makers. Their partnership will work to scale up silane anode production, placing a modular silane plant adjacent to a Sinanode factory to process and add silicon inside EV-grade graphite powders from industrial suppliers. The companies are currently designing an integrated North American plant to produce 20,000 tons of silicon-graphite anode material per year, which they say is enough to support batteries for approximately 1,000,000 EVs annually.

The Sinanode platform offers a scalable, low-cost manufacturing process that grows nano-silicon directly in the pores of EV-grade graphite powders selected by each customer. This removes the need to manufacture a new, expensive, carbon substrate to host silicon. Rather than displacing EV-grade graphite producers, Sinanode increases the performance and value of the graphite powders already qualified by EV cell factories. Through this approach, Sinanode’s process ultimately reduces costs, while producing smaller EV batteries that offer enhanced range and a lower carbon footprint.