Kia has announced plans to expand the reach of its digital Kia Connect Store to more vehicles and, through it, launch a new subscription service that will allow more customers to benefit from automatic over-the-air (OTA) updates. The store initially launched in October 2023 alongside the all-electric EV9.

The Hyundai brand’s new digital storefront can be accessed using the Kia Connect App (available for iOS and Android devices), where customers can benefit from a range of available digital features and services that work to elevate the vehicle’s capabilities and performance, as well as the ownership and driving experiences.

Customers can choose to purchase and install the features, add-ons, and services they want, with the store’s current offering including Remote Smart Park Assist 2.0, Acceleration Boost, music streaming and over-the-air updates. In the future, Kia plans for the Connect Store to offer features covering additional use cases such as entertainment, personalization, driver assistance, navigation, and performance enhancement.

In addition to the Connect Store, Kia also launched a new subscription service that will provide customers with automatic bi-annual OTA software updates. Available through the Kia Connect Store, the service builds on an initial one-year trial that includes two complimentary OTA updates for the vehicle’s navigation and infotainment systems. Kia confirmed that its OTA subscription service will be available to customers from €89 ($96.70 / £76.10) per year and deliver its update packages on a bi-annual basis.

Future updates will encompass additional software updates and services across the vehicle’s lifetime, enhancing safety and convenience features as well as navigation maps and infotainment features. Kia will also issue dedicated updates designed to quickly resolve software-related issues or vehicle recalls.

Kia confirmed that its telematics-equipped vehicles from model year 2022 onwards will be eligible to receive OTA updates. Wireless technologies help download the latest available software, with a confirmation window appearing on the infotainment screen once the download is complete and the ignition has been turned off. Drivers can complete the update or postpone it until the next ignition cycle. At the same time, updates can be performed manually using the web-based Kia Navigation update portal, or by visiting a local Kia dealership.