FreeWire Technologies, a provider of ultrafast EV charging, has announced a new collaboration with GM Energy (a subsidiary of General Motors) to accelerate the deployment of ultrafast charging infrastructure for the corporation’s Envolve unit and commercial customers nationwide.

The provider’s ultrafast EV charging solutions can be deployed quickly with minimal infrastructure upgrades. Its Boost Charger, for example, is a flexible, ultrafast charging system that can be deployed in a few days without the need for expensive construction or electrical upgrades. Here, FreeWire’s solution is targeting customers who have limited on-site power, face long or costly construction timelines for grid capacity, or lease the property where they plan to install charging. Its agreement with GM will also allow GM Envolve to offer its commercial customers a turnkey energy transition package that includes vehicles and a charging solution tailored to their needs.

Ultimately, by offering a solution that appeals to transportation and charging needs, GM Energy and FreeWire are looking to accelerate and enable access to more convenient charging for fleet electrification. Together, the companies are more broadly aiming to reduce the barriers associated with EV adoption.