Stellantis has acquired the AI framework, machine learning models and intellectual property rights and patents of CloudMade – a developer of big data-driven automotive solutions. For Stellantis, the acquisition will support the mid-term development of its STLA SmartCockpit system and the software strategy outlined in its Dare Forward 2030 plan. As part of the acquisition, 44 AI-specializing engineers and software developers from CloudMade will join Stellantis.

The AI-powered framework created by CloudMade, with integrated graphical interfaces, itself offers a cloud and software development kit for collecting and analyzing automotive data sets. The developer’s framework architecture allows data value to be maximized using three learning approaches – personalized learning, which predicts an individual’s behavior in a particular context; fleet learning, using sensor data across devices to detect and share real world features; and cohort learning, combining real world data with data from clustered groups of people distinguished by attributes.

CloudMade’s software technology will ultimately support Stellantis’ strategy to develop intelligent mobility products and enhance the overall customer experience with personalized features and experiences. Among these features are predictive maintenance and diagnostics, which proactively identify and schedule maintenance needs and provide alerts (thus enhancing vehicle availability) and personalized in-car experiences able to adapt to individual preferences such as climate control, driving style coaching and entertainment options.

A Stellantis-specific voice assistant enhanced with custom automotive skills builds on these experiences, advising on car features, answering model-specific queries, and optimizing voice routing. Within navigation, CloudMade’s technologies will enable up-to-date maps, real-time traffic information and intelligent routing while, beyond the vehicle, offering an optimized mobile experience and remote commands, such as pre-trip planning, battery preconditioning and other activities based on frequent driver behaviors. At the same time, targeted features for fleet management will allow business customers to optimize delivery schedules, reduce travel time and resource utilization, increase productivity and EV performance and facilitate the monitoring and management of the overall fleet.

Through this acquisition, Stellantis will also be able to develop end-to-end, fully owned, navigation features; enhance data privacy by managing the data for training CloudMade’s AI models internally; and introduce development kits for making custom models for its software developers.