NNG has announced a new partnership with Dacia that will provide Dacia’a vehicles with NNG Maps, an OpenStreetMap-based (OSM) map solution. The solution itself presents a new, value-driven, community-sourced map that lets provides Dacia drivers with frequent map updates, fresher map data, and richer map content – including greater road network coverage and more points of interest (POIs).

Highlighting the community-driven aspect of its solution, NNG noted that contributors work to keep data about map features, including roads, trails, cafes, and railway stations, continuously updated. These contributors use aerial imagery, GPS devices, and field maps alongside other sources, to verify that OSM is accurate and up-to-date.

In detailing the architecture of the solution, NNG said that it starts with an OSM base-layer and allows automakers to tailor their map to brand and customer preferences using a broad, independent portfolio of additional content and services.

Through NNG Maps, NNG is aiming to support automakers through the community-driven nature of OSM, its experiences in compilation, and its understanding of navigation-specific OEM needs.

The company confirmed that the solution is available now for Europe, with plans to expand its reach further across from 2025 onwards.