Automotive Grade Linux (AGL), an open source project developing a shared software platform for in-vehicle technology, announced a new working group focused on Instrument Cluster solutions, as well as the latest code release of the AGL platform, the UCB 8.0.

The AGL Instrument Cluster Expert Group (EG) is working to reduce the footprint of AGL and optimize the platform for use in lower performance processors and low-cost vehicles that do not require an entire infotainment software stack. Formed earlier this year, the group plans to release design specifications later this year with an initial code release in early 2020.

Unified Code Base 8.0
AGL is also announcing the latest UCB 8.0 code release. Developed through a joint effort by AGL member companies, the AGL Unified Code Base (UCB) is an open source software platform that can serve as the de facto industry standard for infotainment, telematics and instrument cluster applications. 

The AGL UCB 8.0, nicknamed “Happy Halibut,” includes an operating system, middleware and application framework. New updates to the platform include:

  • Device profiles for telematics and instrument cluster
  • Telematics Profile and demo available 
  • Web App Manager (WAM) enhancements
  • Upgrade to Yocto version 2.6 
  • Speech integration with Alexa Voice Agent
  • Multi-user security rules for the AGL Application Framework
  • Waltham transmitter and receiver now fully available in IVI and Instrument Cluster profiles
  • Window Manager and Home Screen Services – Window Manager and Compositor consolidation, Activity Manager, Input Manager
  • Audio Policy Manager
  • Pipewire as default audio build option
  • Writing to CAN bus fully supported and secured
  • Extensive Board Support Packages for major automotive reference hardware boards 
  • Task manager application now available as an installable widget