Google has announced new features for its Maps and Search apps that will help EV owners access more useful information on charging stations. The tech giant has said that these updates will more readily provide users with details on the location of EV chargers, help them plan charging stops for road trips, and more.

AI will play a key role in these updates, most notably in the AI-powered summaries that will be rolled out for Google Maps in the coming months that use information from Google reviews to describe a charger’s specific location. For example, when driving to a charging station the user may see a description on Maps reading ‘Enter the underground parking lot and follow the signs toward the exit. Just before exiting, turn right.’ As this feature rolls out, Google will prompt users reviewing charging stations for additional details about their experience (such as the plug used and how long they waited) to strengthen its AI summaries and enhance this experience as a whole.

Also set to roll out globally in the coming months, making its debut on vehicles with Google built-in, is a new feature for the in-vehicle Google Maps app that will allow users to see nearby charging stations and access specific information on them, including real-time port availability and charging speed. Through this update, Google is aiming to help EV drivers on the road, who are low on charge, access charging more quickly and easily.

While helping users identify nearby chargers, another new Maps feature will support EV users planning more complex trips. The feature will build on the navigation app’s existing capability to recommend charging stops for EVs with Google built-in, expanding it to multi-stop trips. If the user is, for example, planning a multi-stop trip to several national parks, Google Maps will suggest the most optimal charging stops along this route based on their EV’s current charge level. This feature will be available globally in the coming months for vehicles with Google built-in. Supporting this EV-based route planning further is a new Search function that highlights hotels offering onsite EV charging.