Miovision, a provider of scalable, intelligent, transportation solutions designed to help cities reduce traffic congestion and improve safety, has acquired Traffic Technology Services (TTS) – a leading provider of connected vehicle technologies. The announcement represents Miovision’s sixth acquisition in less than three years, and its second made in 2024.

TTS provides a connection to traffic infrastructure that facilitates and powers a variety of safety solutions, such as the Audi Traffic Light Information system – one of the first commercially available vehicle-to-everything (V2X) applications. The system helps vehicle operators identify optimum speeds to avoid red lights and reduce fuel consumption, while making customers more readily aware of when a red light will turn green. Today TTS has agreements with 180 agencies to power in-vehicle solutions, while providing network data insights to traffic control agencies. These insights, themselves, are provided from more than 80,000 intersections located around the world.

“TTS is the pioneer in V2X services, and over the past 10 years, this team has established relationships with public traffic agencies and traffic control companies around the world to make V2X a reality,” said Miovision CFO Joe Custer. “TTS’s patented technology is the only real-time “situational awareness” service directly available to drivers through the vehicle’s instrument panel offering a differentiated driver experience. TTS adds an exciting new dimension to Miovision’s array of solutions and we look forward to scaling this critical service to all automotive OEM’s and fleet operators across all signalized traffic intersections in Canada, U.S., Europe, and other places. Our intention is to save lives, reduce energy consumption, and increase productivity across all vehicle fleets globally.”

Following the acquisition, Miovision will continue to support advanced in-car applications such as Audi Traffic Light Information, while expanding the reach of its capabilities even further by providing richer data sets to support new applications. At the same time, the acquisition will provide Miovision with access to TTS’ eleven patents covering a variety of applications, including those relevant to improving transit and emergency vehicle response as well as traffic signal optimization, and expand its presence to TTS’ 80,000 intersections – bringing the total number of intersections supported by Miovision solutions to more than 170,000. For TTS, the acquisition will see its executives and team members become Miovision employees focused on supporting and developing TTS’ suite of V2X solutions.

“Becoming part of Miovision immediately helps us expand the footprint and scope of our services,” said Thomas Bauer, CEO of TTS. “Miovision’s relationships with agencies – including transportation, emergency services and transit agencies – provide exciting new opportunities to deliver compelling connected vehicle applications and services.”

Miovision’s acquisition of TTS marks the company’s sixth in less than three years, following its prior acquisitions of Traffop (a technology company specializing in signal performance measures), Rapid Flow (a leader in adaptive signal control), MicroTraffic (a safety analytics company), Global Traffic Technologies – GTT (a manufacturer of traffic signal preemption and priority systems), and CJ Hensch (a provider of traffic data collection services).

These acquisitions will together support Miovision in its mission to reduce traffic congestion and vehicle emissions, while improving public safety through the deployment of scalable, intelligent, transportation solutions. Together, its permanent and portable systems have detected more than 77 billion vehicles and three billion pedestrians and cyclists, with this data providing the accurate, actionable, traffic data and insights needed to help make transportation safer and more efficient.