EnergyHub has announced a new collaboration with Toyota Motors North America that will focus on improving the EV ownership experience.

Through it, drivers of Toyota and Lexus EVs in the U.S. will be able to benefit from a direct integration with EnergyHub’s platform, which enables customers to leverage a series of utility programs that together work to reduce the cost of EV charging. At the same time, the partnership will also support utilities by ensuring grid reliability and accelerating decarbonization. For utilities specifically, shifting EV charging load away from times of peak electricity demand helps keep the grid reliable and can enable them to defer infrastructure investments that would otherwise be needed to meet increased demand for electricity as transportation electrification accelerates. This also helps to keep rates low for all customers.

“Our collaboration with Toyota is a key milestone in EnergyHub’s effort to maximize customer choice through the largest ecosystem of EV OEM and electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) partners,” said Matt Johnson, VP of Business Development at EnergyHub. “This integration accelerates our work to improve the overall EV ownership experience, while unlocking grid service value for our utility clients.”

Depending on what is available for their EV, the partnership will enable customers of utilities partnered with EnergyHub to access a variety of EV programs. Among these programs are managed charging, vehicle-to-grid, EV-specific time-of-use rates, off-peak rebates, and EV data programs designed to support infrastructure planning.

“Empowering our Toyota and Lexus EV customers with cost-effective energy solutions that reduce emissions and contribute to the grid underscores Toyota’s commitment to sustainable mobility,” said James George, General Manager, EV Charging Solutions at Toyota. “Our collaboration with EnergyHub is an important step forward in enabling an exceptional customer experience within a home energy ecosystem.”

Potomac Edison, a utility company and EnergyHub utility client based in Maryland, will be the first to enable Toyota and Lexus EV customers to enroll their EVs via EnergyHub’s platform. In extending the reach of its new partnership further across the U.S., EnergyHub confirmed that it is actively expanding participation to further utility programs in 2024.

Through its collaboration with Toyota, EnergyHub is reaffirming its commitment to direct OEM partnerships, which it views as a critical element in maximizing the value of grid service programs for utilities and EV owners alike.