Ram, via its parent company Stellantis, has announced Ram Professional – its new commercial vehicle division with full-service customer mobility and value solutions. Positioned as a key brand under Stellantis Pro One, the corporation’s own commercial vehicle unit, Ram Professional will play a pivotal role in North America as Stellantis works to achieve its Dare Forward 2030 global plan, through which it is aiming to reach carbon net zero by 2038.

Operating as a new, separate, business unit, Ram Professional will look to facilitate new commercial-customer vehicle ecosystems, deliver advanced commercial products, and serve customers through a variety of stages – from upfit and conversion needs, to electrification and connected services.

At the foundation of Ram Professional is a wide range of products designed to meet the needs of small businesses, work-truck fleets and other customers seeking commercial vehicles. Aiming to offer enhanced value proposition and a low total cost of ownership, the division will offer a variety of solutions in order to cater to a wide customer base. Among these are the new Ram ProMaster EV, Ram 1500 REV, Ram 1500 Ramcharger, Ram Heavy Duty and Ram Chassis Cab lines.

The division will take a 360-degree approach to ensure an all-encompassing solution is provided to business owners that starts with the vehicle and expands into a suite of professional services for the current, and evolving, professional landscape. Here, Ram Professional will offer a diverse range of vehicles and powertrains – including traditional ICE, diesel, and new all-electric options.

A dedicated Ram BusinessLink dealer network will offer commercial customer-focused maintenance packages and available maintenance contracts, including basic fleet maintenance such as lube and oil, road hazard and multi care coverage now available for purchase. At the same time, Ram Professional has expanded full mechanical coverage and 24-hour roadside assistance to a dedicated team. Ram dealers also work with a network of local upfitters and brand-approved partners to customize work trucks or vans to suit customer needs.

With the announcement of Stellantis Financial, Ram Professional now offers simplified financing up to 100% of the cost, along with closed-end leasing and commercial lines of credit. Designed around three tiers of fleet customer, the Ram Professional connected services centers around the Ram Connect system, which itself is powered by the data platform Mobilisights. This allows commercial customers to stay in touch with and maintain control of their vehicle and technical needs using real-time data available, and benefit from added convenience as well as access to a variety of services ranging from entertainment to navigation, safety and security, and more.

With the addition of the new ProMaster EV, professional charging solutions will be offered through the Stellantis Free2move ecosystem of charging hardware, software and services that together aim to deliver seamless EV charging and energy management for the division’s commercial customers. Free2move will also offer its mobility services for Ram Professional, to support commercial-customer needs in the short term. Here, Free2move will offer shared vehicle services to individuals and companies, such as vehicle-sharing, vehicle rental and vehicle subscription, as well as mobile parking services.

Stellantis confirmed that Ram Professional is launching in North America from today, with more offerings to be made available over the course of 2024.