SoundHound AI has announced that its voice assistant with integrated ChatGPT will launch first in Japan, making its debut through DS Automobiles, the luxury-premium vehicle brand owned by Stellantis.

At the beginning of March 2024, DS Automobiles committed to SoundHound’s AI with plans to initially roll it out in 13 languages across 18 countries. The voice AI assistant itself can respond to questions from hundreds of real-time domains and large language models (LLMs), such as ChatGPT. This assistant – which DS Automobiles has named Iris – will allow drivers and passengers to use the vehicle’s hands-free voice control to access a broad range of information and updates, from planning a trip and opening the sunroof, to asking for sports scores, making a call, or accessing parking information from their destination.

SoundHound’s system also uses a proprietary approach to reduce the risk of AI hallucinations (misleading and unpredictable responses often associated with some LLMs). The SoundHound Chat AI platform can more broadly integrate with any third-party generative AI model to enable more seamless conversational experiences. Here, it provides quicker, more accurate, responses to queries by selecting the correct response from the most appropriate domain – either from ChatGPT or another domain better equipped to respond to real-time questions about weather, sports, stock, and flight status.