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Telematics News, an SBD Automotive information service, has become an unrivaled news resource for the Connected Car industry around the globe.

The free website covers automotive telematics developments and trends on a daily basis. Topics include telematics, navigation, infotainment, smartphone integration, eCall, bCall, vehicle tracking, usage-based insurance, advanced driver assistance systems and V2X.

The success of Telematics News is demonstrated by its wide-ranging readership from vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers, telecommunications industry, governments and trade groups. There are over 30,000 unique visitors to the website each month from Europe, North America, China, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Middle East and South America. Key features of the website include the search facility, videos, insights, features and a daily email update sent for free to subscribers.

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The telematics arena is a very innovative market, and to be informed about the very latest news is crucial…Thanks to Telematics News for the just in time delivery of global news!


I recommend Telematics News frequently and I am grateful for such a valuable free source of information.

Mentor Graphics

Up to the minute news on developments in telematics and infotainment systems, helps us understand very easily what suppliers are getting involved with and what the market drivers are for this exiting industry.

Jaguar Land Rover

Real-time pickup of the latest moves in the industry and good understanding through YouTube videos.


Telematics News is an Information Service provided by SBD Automotive. Through independent research, evaluation and strategic support, SBD helps vehicle manufacturers and their partners create autonomous, more secure and better connected cars.

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