EV Connect, Flash Parking, and Qmerit have announced a partnership that will help accelerate the expansion of EV charging solutions by uniting EV Connect’s integrated charging management platform, Flash’s North American digital infrastructure, and Qmerit’s installation, integration, and maintenance services.

The companies are combining these services to provide a seamless, reservable parking and charging experience for drivers while simplifying management for asset owners and operators. In doing so, they will look to address several charging-related barriers to EV adoption including management, reliability, discoverability, and usability.

Each partner will contribute their technology and services to the partnership. Flash, for example, will utilize its cloud-based parking technology ecosystem and digital demand network; EV Connect will use its software platform and services for EV charging networks; and Qmerit will lend its experiences in electrification infrastructure, installation and maintenance services.

This close integration will allow EV drivers using Flash’s network to access chargers on the EV Connect network, and vice versa. This in turn will allow users to more easily find, reserve, access, and pay for charging when they park – with these activities all hosted on a single platform and a single payment taken for charging itself. The integration will likewise unite various aspects of parking and charging management by giving asset owners and operators a single platform supported by Qmerit’s installation and service options.

While connecting the driver with accessible parking-and-charging stations through Flash, EV Connect will ensure station reliability and access with comprehensive management and customer service, while Qmerit will provide private operators with installation and maintenance support.

Over the next 12 months, a series of new agreements between these partners and key operators in the hospitality, events, and mixed-use sectors will be announced. These agreements will be shared with details on where, and when, the partnership’s system of parking and charging will be made available to the public. As a result, all three companies expect that the activities conducted through their partnership will enable thousands of new ports to be installed this year.