Xpeng and the Volkswagen Group have entered into a framework agreement on a new technical collaboration focused on Electrical/Electronic (E/E) architecture.

Developed in-house, Xpeng’s proprietary E/E Architecture sits at the core of its vertically integrated full-stack software and hardware technologies. It allows software including the OEM’s ADAS and Connectivity OS to decouple from the underlying hardware and vehicle platforms, enabling fast iteration of software across platforms. Xpeng’s latest generation of E/E Architecture adopts central computing and domain controller-based architecture, which provides both a high-performance in-car computing environment and a competitive cost structure.

The E/E Architecture supports Gigabit Ethernet high-speed data transmission between the central domain and ADAS domain controllers. A significant number of electronic control units have been integrated into the domain controllers, leading to highly integrated architecture while supporting cost structure. The E/E Architecture also enables more efficient whole-vehicle OTA updates for both customer vehicles and vehicles at the end of manufacturing lines.

Under their technical collaboration, Xpeng and the Volkswagen Group will jointly develop and integrate Xpeng’s latest E/E Architecture into Volkswagen’s China Main Platform (CMP), its EV platform designed for the Chinese EV market. The jointly developed E/E Architecture is expected to feature in Volkswagen-brand EVs produced in the region from 2026.