CATL and Beijing Hyundai have signed a strategic partnership agreement at Auto China 2024 to cooperate on Beijing Hyundai’s EV projects, equipping its future EVs with CATL batteries. As a joint venture operating in the China market for 21 years, Beijing Hyundai has sold over 12 million vehicles in the region. Since partnering with CATL in 2017, the JV has launched many models and sold more 200,000 units.

With the new agreement in place, Beijing Hyundai is expected to roll out more than 10 leading global models fitted with CATL’s latest battery technologies, including CTP (cell to pack) and NP. CATL itself will work with Beijing Hyundai to create high-quality automotive products and support its business growth in China. In sharing a focus on product development, the companies hope to benefit mutually from their newly renewed partnership.

CATL has, more broadly, strengthened its partnership with the Hyundai Motor Company in recent years. Its extended partnership with Beijing Hyundai follows its partnership with Hyundai Mobis in October 2021, where the companies signed a technology licensing and partnership agreement. According to the agreement, CATL will introduce and disclose its CTP technology to Hyundai Mobis while supporting it in the supply of related CTP products worldwide.