Honda has unveiled the Ye Series, an all-new EV series it will introduce to the Chinese market. The new series was named with the Chinese letter “Yè”, which translates to ‘shine brilliantly’.

The first set of models to launch under the new series will be the Ye P7 and Ye S7, as well as the concept model for the second set of series models, the Ye GT Concept. By 2027, the OEM is aiming to launch six Ye Series models in China, with these first models to be exhibited at Auto China 2024 later this month. These models will, together, feature Honda’s new ‘H mark’ that it has designed exclusively for its next-generation EV models.

Positioned as next-generation EVs, the Ye Series aims to provide more value for customers. In addition to human-centric packaging based on the M/M concept, models in the Ye Series have also been designed to enhance driving performance by applying an all-new EV platform developed in China and integrating it with Honda’s existing electrification technologies. The series will also offer a suite of intelligence technologies, including an AI-powered virtual assistant.

The all-new Ye P7 and the Ye S7 were developed on Honda’s new EV platform and will be available in two variations – a one-motor rear-wheel drive model, and a dual-motor four-wheel drive model. Both are designed in pursuit of the “joy of driving.” In achieving this goal, the rear-wheel drive variation offers sportier handling, while the four-wheel drive variation works to offer high power and more responsive handling. Honda expects both models to go on sale at the end of 2024.

The Ye GT Concept was developed with the aim of creating a model that represents Honda EVs in China. In keeping with the ‘low & wide’ silhouette similarly shared by the OEM’s other GT models, the driver’s seat is designed to enhance immersion in the overall driving experience. At the same time, the concept’s dynamic performance has been refined to drive this experience further, and allowing the driver to connect more closely with the vehicle.

For the front seat passenger, inside the vehicle, an all-new far-focus display provides a similar sense of depth and experience to a large screen. Through this display, Honda is looking to provide passengers with an immersive multimedia space that resembles a private theater. The Ye GT Concept will be used to inform the second set of production models launched under the Ye Series, which Honda expects to go on sale before the end of 2025.