The Automotive Information Sharing and Analysis Center (Auto-ISAC) welcomes four new members Google, Oshkosh Corp, Tokai Rika and Qualcomm and one strategic partner Saferide Technologies.

The inclusion of these five companies increases the strength of the Auto-ISAC’s position as the voice of the global auto cybersecurity information-sharing community as it works to prevent cyber threats to the connected vehicle.

The Auto-ISAC was formed by automakers in 2015 to promote collaboration between suppliers, commercial vehicle companies and automobile manufacturers around vehicle cybersecurity issues. Additionally, the Auto-ISAC has a strategic partner program that brings great value to our membership collaborating with innovators who support learning and sharing tools and techniques in managing the emerging complexity of automotive cybersecurity.

The Auto-ISAC operates as a central hub to share and analyze intelligence about emerging cybersecurity risks. The focus of the Auto-ISAC is to foster global collaboration for mitigating the risks of a cyber-attack and to create a safe, efficient, secure and resilient global connected vehicle ecosystem.

A key action by the Auto-ISAC is the publishing of the automotive cybersecurity best practice guides that cover organizational and technical aspects of vehicle cybersecurity. Currently, six guides are available to the public: awareness and training; collaboration and engagement; governance; incident response; risk assessment and management; and, threat detection, monitoring and analysis.

Google’s mission in automotive is to provide a safe and seamless connected experience in every car by bringing the familiarity of apps and services in a way that’s purpose-built for driving. Designed for both safety and usability, Android Auto and Android Automotive OS enable tasks to be performed through voice or on the car display. With the end-user top of mind, these platforms have applied best practices from Android security to help ensure data is protected. Google and Android Auto are trademarks of Google LLC.

SafeRide Technologies is a leading automotive cybersecurity company offering artificial intelligence (AI) based on anomaly detection and threat prevention solutions. SafeRide Technologies will provide its expertise on the application of AI on automotive cybersecurity to the Auto-ISAC’s membership.

SafeRide’s expertise will help the Auto-ISAC achieve its key goal of preventing cyber threats in connected and autonomous vehicles. SafeRide’s technology can uncover unknown vulnerabilities before an attack happens. The AI learns the normal behavior of the vehicle and can then detect any anomaly or deviation from that behavior and send an alert of a potential attack. The company’s vSentry AI solution provides vehicle-level intrusion detection of zero-day attacks based on its vXRay machine learning and deep learning technology.

Tokai Rika is an auto parts supplier producing electronic function controllers and sensors to protect driver’s property with advanced security technology.  Participation in Auto-ISAC enables us to reinforce the monitoring of vulnerability information for proactive incident response.