As a premium automotive manufacturer, Mercedes-Benz plays a leading role in the digitalization of mobility. To strengthen and ensure trustful protection of our customer data and safety, information security is a fundamental strategic pillar. Security is being implemented by design to support the digital change in the whole organization.

The worldwide Mercedes-Benz community creates and nourishes a mindset which is the foundation for how the company understands, develops and lives cybersecurity. Additionally, it is essential to leverage the power and skills of the security community. Why? Because it is the goal of Mercedes-Benz to offer its customers secure products and secure connected services. Therefore, the company values the work of security researchers and white-hat hackers who spend time and effort helping Mercedes-Benz to achieve this goal. Their work supports to provide security that meets the speed and the needs to enable innovation. To show how much the automotive manufacturer values these researches and efforts, Mercedes-Benz is planning to introduce a Bug Bounty program with special emphasis on security to help and encourage the research community to assist Mercedes-Benz in improving connected services.

Sky-Go Team is a car security research team from 360 Group and part of 360 Cyber Security Brain. 360 Cyber Security Brain, an advanced system that realizes the intelligent upgrade of cybersecurity defense, includes different kind of security capabilities supported by different security research teams from 360 Group.

Recently, Sky-Go Team and Mercedes-Benz researchers have been working together to fix 19 detected possible vulnerabilities within the Mercedes-Benz connected vehicle. This was possible due to the excellent research by Sky-Go Team. For this most advanced research Mercedes-Benz has decided to give the Sky-Go team of 360 Group an excellence award. Mercedes-Benz and the Sky-Go team of 360 Group are planning to jointly present the detailed findings in one of the upcoming security conferences.