Iteris today announced that the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) has launched the first statewide deployment of Iteris’ newly expanded ClearGuide software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, which is now integrated with the Intelligent Roadway Information System (IRIS) open-source advanced traffic management system (ATMS). ClearGuide’s integration with IRIS is enabled by the ClearMobility Cloud, Iteris’ open-architecture cloud framework for smart mobility infrastructure management.

With this new deployment, the ClearMobility Cloud’s standardized data architecture enables ClearGuide to seamlessly provide real-time travel-time data to IRIS for the automatic update of variable message signs (VMS) through work zones across Minnesota, as well as overlay VMSs on ClearGuide’s real-time maps. MnDOT has been leveraging Iteris analytics services since 2013 and ClearGuide’s powerful transportation performance measures capabilities since adding ClearGuide in 2019, including: dynamic maps to support detailed traffic analysis; features to help identify and mitigate bottlenecks and congestion; animations to analyze events and optimize response plans; historical trend reports and congestion charts to track reliability and support planning; and easy analysis of major Minnesota roadways.

The ClearMobility Cloud’s mobility data management engine, application programming interface (API) framework and microservices ecosystem provide standardized data ingestion, cleansing and analytics, as well as authentication and security for each component of Iteris’ ClearMobility Platform. The ClearMobility Platform includes market-leading software applications, smart sensors, and cloud-enabled managed services that complement the company’s specialized consulting and advisory services.

Integrations with other third-party systems are planned for future ClearMobility Cloud releases. Additionally, subsequent releases of the ClearMobility Cloud will provide further capabilities to support Iteris’ growing portfolio of process virtualization offers, as well as enhance the company’s smart mobility infrastructure management solutions for various commercial sectors