SBD Automotive has recently become a member of The European Association for Electromobility, AVERE, joining other high-profile members including Fastned, Ionity, Rivian, and Tesla. The partnership benefits AVERE, its members, and SBD Automotive, enabling it to provide insights to Europe’s leading electromobility advocacy group while staying up-to-date of the latest developments in public electromobility policy. 

SBD Automotive’s consulting experience spans more than 25 years, including regular engagements with many of the world’s leading automakers and vendors. SBD Automotive is recognized for its industry-leading reports on electrification and charging infrastructure as well as its custom consulting services that have shaped the industry through diligent research and thought leadership. 

Brussels-based AVERE, founded in 1978, advocates for the advancement of sustainable electromobility at the European and national levels on behalf of its 45+ members. AVERE is not only focused on public policy, but also on the advancement of the industry at large. This is perhaps most evident in AVERE’s global EVS and AEC conferences, bringing together some of the brightest minds in the automotive and related fields for the advancement of EV technologies. 

Though a nascent partnership, SBD Automotive is already involved in the support of AVERE’s task forces related to EV charging infrastructure, cyber security, and data usage. Through these task forces, AVERE and its members will develop clear, evidence-based policy recommendations for the European Commission, ultimately helping to steer the industry and market toward a sustainable future. 

Over the next few months, SBD Automotive will be working with AVERE and its members to support the European Commission’s revision of the AFIR regulation. In support of the European Green New Deal, this regulation will be the cornerstone of the EU’s charging infrastructure policy, ensuring that EV charging networks develop in line with demand, guaranteeing seamless mobility across the Union. AFIR will also prescribe certain charging station quality and convenience measures, protecting the interests of both private and commercial EV drivers. With billions of Euros of government investment across the EU, the charging infrastructure landscape will be dramatically transformed in the coming years. 

SBD Automotive is proud to be supporting AVERE, its members, and the broader European community as we collectively work toward the decarbonization of the automotive industry.