Abarth has unveiled the New Abarth 500e – an all-electric performance vehicle based on the Fiat 500 electric. The Stellantis brand has said that the EV’s architecture – through its improved weight distribution, enhanced torque, and wider wheelbase – helps it deliver performance benefits over its petrol equivalents.

Its powertrain pairs a 42-kWh battery with an electric motor that outputs up to 113.7 kW (152 hp) of power and 235 Nm of torque (173.3 lb-ft), allowing it to reach from 0 to 62 mph (100 km/h) in seven seconds. This setup can be utilized in tandem with three exclusive driving modes – Turismo, Scorpion Street, and Scorpion Track. Turismo allows for smoother acceleration and lower power, with the maximum power output reduced to 100 kW (134 hp) and torque to 220 Nm (162.4 lb-ft), to provide a more efficient driving experience. Scorpion Street works to maximize the vehicle’s performance as well as its regenerative braking capabilities.

While targeting different experiences, the Turismo and Scorpion Street modes both offer a one-pedal driving feature. Here, when the user lifts their foot off the pedal, the car recovers kinetic energy while decelerating, which is then converted into electricity for recharging the battery. The Scorpion Track mode is designed for those seeking to leverage the full potential of the model’s performance equipment on track settings.

When it comes time to recharge the new 500e, users can benefit from its 85 kW fast-charging system. With it, up to 25 miles of range can be replenished in less than five minutes. Its fast-charging capabilities further allow the system to regain up to 80% of its full range in 35 minutes. Abarth has not yet revealed the range statistics of the new 500e, with this information likely to come closer to its launch.

The new 500e will be released first in a limited edition Scorpionissima version, produced in a run of 1,949 units. Inside, the model is equipped with a standard 10.25-inch Uconnect Radio Touchscreen, spearheading the EV’s infotainment system. The screen provides an integrated navigation system and a new Performance Pages display that allows users to keep track of the EV’s performance through dedicated graphics. These graphics are also shown on a new 7.0-inch digital instrument cluster – which delivers key vehicle information such as its current speed, range, selected driving mode, and battery status.

In addition to being its first EV, the new Abarth 500e is also the brand’s first to offer Stellantis’ package of Uconnect Services – offering real-time information and on-board security. All connected services can be also managed offboard through the dedicated Fiat mobile app for compatible iOS and Android devices. Optionally, the system offers wireless support for both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Further convenience features offered with the Abarth 500e include dusk and rain sensors, passive entry with a new Abarth wearable key and keyless go, a JBL premium audio system, and a wireless charger for mobile devices. These are offered alongside a 360° drone view sensor system, and a UHD rear camera which shows obstacles and the car’s trajectory on the center screen – both technologies helping the user safely and efficiently park their vehicle.

The brand confirmed that orders for its new EV would open in late November 2022, ahead of initial deliveries beginning in Europe from 2023, followed by international markets such as Japan and Brazil.