Genesis has announced that the European version of the 2023 GV60 will introduce the market to Face Connect, its new facial recognition system, alongside an upgraded digital key.

The biometric system allows drivers to use their face as a key to lock, unlock, and access the EV. Upon entry, a built-in fingerprint scanner can then be used to start the car. To carry out these operations, Face Connect pairs a facial recognition sensor with a deep-learning image processing controller that identifies the user through a face scan. Shortly afterwards, an LED indicator on the B pillar provides visual feedback on the vehicle status – granting entry if the scan proves successful.

GV60 owners can set up Face Connect through the Genesis Connected Services App, using the car’s physical key once to set up their profile and start the car with their fingerprint. Once this setup is complete, the user’s biometric data is subsequently used to unlock and enter the vehicle. The Hyundai brand confirmed that this data is stored securely through encrypted in-vehicle software, where it is managed by the HMI. The data itself does not leave the vehicle once it has been captured, with Genesis further confirming that it will never be uploaded online or stored remotely.

In providing these technologies, Genesis is hoping to streamline the user experience of its vehicles by reducing user reliance on the electric SUV’s physical key. The brand has also said that Face Connect will similarly relieve stress by providing its customers the option to leave their car keys behind. Here, a customer may wish to choose Face Connect over a conventional key if using the new GV60 in conjunction with outdoor activities, such as swimming, climbing, or running, where that key may be misplaced or get lost.

Face Connect will be provided as standard on the 2023 GV60 alongside an upgraded digital key system. Much like Face Connect, the system allows customers to use a compatible smartphone or smart watch to access, lock, or unlock the vehicle. The digital key also interacts with the SUV in a similar manner, with the puddle lamp turning on and its side mirrors opening as the user approaches it. Digital key sharing is supported with the new GV60, allowing owners to create three additional keys and share them with friends and family through their smartphone. When sharing a digital key, the owner is also able to set a limit on the number of times a shared key can be used to access their vehicle.

As well as the above technologies, the 2023 GV60 will also provide customers with new features and upgrades inside the vehicle. A new Air Purification System includes a premium air filter that regularly monitors the cabin’s air quality, automatically activating if an increase in dust concentration levels is detected. In the new model, the Ergo Motion driver seat as well as the front- and rear-heated seats that were previously exclusive to the Comfort Seat Pack are now offered as standard. An electric adjustable heated steering wheel with a memory function will also become standard, as will a new ambient lighting configuration in the lower area of the cabin.