Fisker has shared new details about its plan to provide customers with regular OTA software updates, with two updates to be released over the coming weeks focused on refining existing features, and introducing new features, to the OEM’s Ocean SUV.

The first update will address customer feedback, with general bug fixes, performance enhancements for both the drivetrain and 12-volt battery, and fine tuning for other areas. The second update will add analytical capabilities to the EV’s SolarSky roof. This will allow owners to track live and historical solar analytics from the Ocean’s central touchscreen, where they can view up-to-date solar gain totals and averages from the past day, week, month, year or full vehicle lifetime in both watt-hours and miles/km gained.

An update to the trip stats feature will further help owners identify how much distance they’ve covered with their vehicle. Through it, they can view their current trip, trip meter, and distance since their last charge or view the energy metrics for any of those drives.

The update will also allow users to monitor their energy consumption. Here, recent driving metrics can be tracked and compared to other Fisker Ocean drivers, as well as their vehicle’s expected energy usage. This feature ultimately helps drivers understand how their driving impacts battery consumption, and the driving habits they can employ to improve range.