Kia has announced the launch of its 2025 EV6, which will be sold first to customers in South Korea from June 2024 before beginning international sales within the year.

The upgraded EV is equipped with a fourth-generation 84 kWh battery, a maximum driving range of 306 miles (494 km) and will be offered at the same price point as its predecessor following a price freeze across all trims. The new EV6 will also provide a series of SDV-ready technologies aimed at strengthening the connectivity between vehicles and users, as well as popular convenience features such as Smart Parking Assist and Steering Wheel Grip Detection

The 2025 EV6’s interior is based on Kia’s existing horizontal design and applies new design elements to create a modern, more luxurious, atmosphere. Here, the OEM has equipped the EV with a more sophisticated panoramic curved display that further emphasizes the horizontal shape of the interior with new ambient lighting with dynamic graphics. A new steering wheel works similarly, with a new pattern applied to the crash pad to provide a sporty feel, alongside a new fingerprint authentication system on the center console, and a wireless charging pad with an improved structure to keep smartphones secure.

The new 84 kWh battery installed on the refreshed EV6 helps increase driving range while enhancing ride comfort and quietness, together supporting an improved EV driving experience. It offers an increase over the previous model’s 77.4 kWh, representing a increased range from 295 miles (475 km) to 306 miles (494 km). When charging with 350 kW ultra-fast charging, up to 80% of the battery’s power can be replenished within 18 minutes.

Kia has equipped the new EV6 with many SDV-based infotainment features that together strengthen its overall connectivity. At the foundation of this offering is Kia’s next-generation infotainment system, ccNC (connected car navigation cockpit), which aims to provide customers with a more convenient travel experience. The scope of its OTA software updates, which were only previously available for navigation systems, has now been extended to the controller, allowing functions linked to the EV’s major electronic controls to be kept up to date. In addition, the EV is now equipped with a streaming service that allows users to enjoy video and high-quality sound content through the infotainment system, and a natural language voice recognition function.

Further infotainment and convenience features include wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, Walk Away Lock (automatically locking the door once the driver exits the EV with the key in hand), a physical Hi-Pass card for paying road tolls in Korea with CarPay, Kia Digital Key 2, and a fingerprint authentication system. In addition, Kia has applied a variety of ADAS to the new EV6, including Steering Wheel Grip Detection using capacitive sensors, Lane Keeping Assist 2 (LKA 2), Remote Smart Parking Assist 2 (RSPA 2), and a Front/Side/Rear Parking Collision Avoidance Assist (PCA-F/S/R). Together, these systems help drivers drive and park more safely and conveniently.

Kia confirmed that pricing for the 2025 EV6 will remain the same as last year, a move through which it is looking to secure competitiveness and strengthen the EV’s marketability. For 2025, before South Korea’s EV tax benefits, the EV6 will be priced from KRW 55.4 million ($40,570 / €37,487 / £32,224) for the Long Range model, KRW 55.4 million ($40,570/ €37,487 / £32,224) for the Light trim, KRW 62.52 million ($78,718 / €42,302 / £36,361) for the Earth, and KRW 63.15 million ($46,246 / €42,733 / £36,728) for the GT-Line version.