Foresight Autonomous Holdings Ltd, an enabler in automotive vision, announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Eye-Net Mobile Ltd., completed a successful trial of its Eye-Net cellular-based accident prevention solution and met all predefined criteria set for its success. More than 8,500 users from across Israel and abroad participated in the trial.

This trial demonstrated the technological proof of concept of the Eye-Net solution on a large scale, marking a milestone for the company as it transitions from technology to product and commercialization.

During the six-day trial, the Eye-Net system provided real-time alerts to users about five events which were considered potentially unsafe by the system.

The Eye-Net system operated on a variety of iOS and Android-based cellular phones and was fully functional during the trial. Thousands of users from Israel and around the globe participated in the trial, having traveled for more than an aggregate of 750,000 kilometers and 35,000 hours. The following components of the Eye-Net solution were tested during the trial: client-side, server-side, algorithms, system architecture and tools.

The system demonstrated stability and the ability to handle data transfer, supported a wide geographic distribution of users, optimized low latency times, and demonstrated compatibility with a variety of smartphones and operation systems, thus meeting the pre-defined objectives of the trial.

All real-time data collected from thousands of users during the trial by a monitoring and control infrastructure will assist in the completion of Eye-Net’s software development kit (SDK) configuration. An SDK configuration will allow Eye-Net Mobile to integrate its solution and functions with leading location-based applications, such as navigation, ridesharing, parking and fitness applications, and will enable rapid market penetration and commercialization. Eye-Net’s SDK configuration will be ready to serve hundreds of thousands of users by early 2020, and millions of users by the end of 2020.