SafeRide Technologies, an automotive cybersecurity company to offer a multi-layer deterministic and heuristic anomaly detection and threat prevention solution, announced that CAN Optimizer, its machine learning-based data compression software for connected vehicles, has been validated by multiple leading OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers and is ready for production. 

Vehicle CAN data carries immense untapped value for vehicle health monitoring, predictive maintenance, vehicle performance optimization, driver behavior analysis, and more. Legacy telematics solutions collect little information from vehicles and rely on restricted computational power. As a result, OEMs receive limited and filtered information about their fleets, resulting in suboptimal operational performance.

While uploading raw CAN data to the cloud can enable advanced data services, the process consumes a significant amount of costly bandwidth and storage. Based on customer case studies, SafeRide’s CAN Optimizer dramatically decreases the bandwidth needed by providing a 96% reduction in data size. CAN Optimizer provides a compression performance that is 6 times better than any other solution on the market. 

The CAN Optimizer library was integrated and validated on several leading telematics chipsets, including the STMicroelectronics Telemaco3P, and consumed a fraction of the available processing power and memory of these devices.