Xpeng Motors announced that it has signed an agreement with Alipay to jointly develop in-car payment functions, which will be first implemented in Xpeng’s upcoming sports sedan model, the P7.   

Xpeng and Alipay’s user accounts, and the Alibaba In-Car Mini APP platform, are expected to be connected in 2Q 2020, with first availability in the Xpeng P7. This will enable in-car payments with Alipay for Xpeng’s battery-charging facilities, vehicle applications, and other usage scenarios.

The signing is an extension of the partnership between Xpeng Motors and Alibaba, announced in September, to implement the Alibaba In-Car Mini APP platform in the P7. 

Similarly to the Alipay function in mobile devices, the in-car payment function is safeguarded by three core security technologies, including AlphaRisk, a world-leading fifth-generation risk control engine to monitor and control in-sync risk, as well as digital ID and data and privacy security technology.

The Alipay in-car payment function will significantly enrich Xpeng’s intelligent service capabilities, initially covering three scenarios: Battery charging scenarios, covering both Xpeng’s own facilities and partnership charging piles; Vehicle application scenarios, such as purchases of data plans, music plans and vehicle violation inquiries; and Alibaba In-car Mini APP applications, including mobility, lifestyle, entertainment and infotainment services.