Cerence unveiled the next generation of Cerence Drive, the technology and solutions portfolio for mobility. Following a complete re-architecture of Cerence’s core platform, Cerence Drive now features the best of the company’s embedded and cloud technologies in one unified, scalable software stack that serves as the foundation of Cerence Cloud Services, a suite of connected products that extend drivers’ digital lives into the car, and Cerence Mobility Platforms, the company’s strategic expansion into new areas of mobility.

Available to automakers and OEMs across mobility industries, Cerence Drive now delivers a harmonious integration of edge and cloud in an easy-to-deploy, singular AI stack. Key enhancements and innovations to Cerence Drive include:

  • Next-generation algorithms with optimized performance and unparalleled accuracy and speed – 75% more accurate and five times faster – resulting in a more intelligent, more intuitive conversational AI-powered experience than ever.
  • Enhanced cloud connectivity that enables continuous improvement, new content and services, and new customization opportunities through over-the-air updates, all with quick-turn deployment and shorter lead times.
  • Unmatched intelligence, with the ability to understand hybrid, multi-intent queries that combine edge and cloud execution (“Find me a sushi restaurant nearby that has free Wi-Fi and covered parking,” or “Navigate home and turn on the living room heat,” for example) as well as references to prior queries (for example, “Text John Smith: ‘I am stuck in traffic and will not make it for the meeting. Trying to call you now,’” followed by “Call him.”). In addition, Cerence Drive’s AI-powered reasoning module now leverages learned information and context to deliver important information to drivers, including traffic updates or introductions to useful features based on the driver’s usage of the automotive assistant.
  • A more human-like experience than ever through neural text-to-speech that delivers an incredibly natural speech output; advanced multi-modality and the next generation of gaze detection in Cerence Look; and optimized Just Talk technology, which lets both drivers and passengers start a conversation with the automotive assistant just as they would with a human: without needing to first press a button or explicitly say a wake-up word. Further, an enhanced Cerence Audio AI Suite enables parallel multi-seat concurrent interaction with multiple speakers.
  • Simplified architecture that enables unified tooling with Cerence Studio for deeper integration between all facets of the automotive assistant, as well as significantly faster development and deployment of new Cerence Drive Domains – Cerence Drive’s content and capabilities engine with 1,500 domain packages across 38 languages currently.
  • Enhanced personalization, authentication and security leveraging state-of-the-art voice biometrics.