Trimble and Sirius XM Connected Vehicles Services Inc, announced today that Trimble RTX GNSS corrections are being transmitted through the SiriusXM satellite radio network. As a result, new cars sold in the contiguous U.S. and Canada equipped with SiriusXM’s Gen8 satellite chipset will be able to receive RTX GNSS corrections enabling high-accuracy positioning—a key component of autonomous on-road applications.

With the addition of the Trimble RTX Auto software library, any new vehicle that receives SiriusXM broadcasts with a Gen8 satellite chipset can leverage a positioning solution ideal for Advanced Driving Assistance Systems (ADAS), Autonomous Driving (AD) and Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) applications.

Since the SiriusXM hardware is already installed in most new vehicles, automotive OEMs can avoid the cost of additional hardware to receive GNSS positioning corrections. 

“We are excited to add Trimble RTX Corrections to our suite of Connected Vehicle services,” said John Jasper, senior vice president for SiriusXM Connected Vehicle Services. “By delivering this service over our satellite broadcast network, automakers can access relevant location correction data throughout the contiguous U.S. and portions of Canada to facilitate ADAS, AD and V2X applications without the need to access a cellular network.”

Trimble RTX is a trusted precise-positioning technology of choice for car manufacturers and their suppliers, and was the first solution adopted for production use in passenger vehicles. RTX technology is a critical component of General Motors’ Super Cruise™ system—the first hands-free driving assistance system for the highway. To date, Super Cruise and Trimble RTX have enabled over 5 million miles of hands-free driving on America’s roadways.

Trimble RTX technology provides real-time, multi-constellation correction of GNSS observations to provide significantly more precise position estimates. Standard GPS signals can drift up to 25 feet, which could cause incorrect lane identification. When used in conjunction with high-definition maps, cameras, radar and inertial sensors, Trimble RTX provides lane-level positioning performance for semi-autonomous and autonomous vehicles.

“The alliance with SiriusXM provides an expansive distribution pipeline for Trimble RTX into new passenger vehicles,” said Patricia Boothe, senior vice president of Trimble’s Autonomy Sector. “OEMs now have an easy, cost-efficient alternative to bring high-precision GNSS into their vehicles. Together, Trimble and SiriusXM are helping to accelerate the adoption of real-time positioning in connected vehicles, ultimately supporting safety-critical V2X applications.”