In SBD Automotive’s recent consumer survey, 42% of respondents were concerned about there not being enough places to charge their cars. In fact, the top-5 reasons holding back people from buying an EV in the future were related to uncertainties around charging… 

Globally, the EV market has made impressive gains in the last few years, even breaking sales records during the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, much of this growth comes with a hidden cost: government-funded incentives. All major EV markets have driven adoption with this type of incentive, and while it is a very effective tool, those funds come from the taxpayers. As EVs become cheaper to produce and prices fall, the incentives will be less important in the overall consumer purchase decision, eventually leading to more natural, self-sustaining market conditions. Price is only one of many factors that play an important role in the purchase decision.

In this webinar –

Robert Fisher, Head of EV Technologies at SBD Automotive, will highlight key outcomes from SBD’s recent survey of 3,600 EV-owning and ICE-owning consumers, and explain how the various factors are involved in the purchase decision, and what automakers, dealerships, and governments can do to mitigate these concerns. Robert will also show examples of good and bad practices currently in use in the industry. By adopting best-practices many of the barriers to adoption can be eliminated, which will create a positive feedback loop where market uptake accelerates, leading to reduced costs/prices, which leads to faster market acceleration.

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