ADS-TEC Energy has revealed ChargePost, a battery-based charging system that enables ultra-fast EV charging. By working on existing power connections, it prevents the need to extend existing grids. The system is based on an all-in-one design that integrates the battery, power electronics, cooling system, and charger in a compact package that requires less than two square meters (21.5 square feet) of ground space for installation.

Each ChargePost is equipped with two charging points for ultra-fast EV charging, giving drivers more than 100 kilometers (60 miles) of range in just a few minutes (up to 300 kW DC power with one charging point, and 150 kW with two charging points are being used simultaneously). Its exterior surfaces provide up to two optional 75-inch digital screens that display branded graphics, while its internal battery provides 143-kWh and 201-kWh options. A built-in camera allows for energy-efficient motion tracking and video recording opportunities.

ChargePost combines battery-stored and boosted charging power at two charging points, including power electronics and air conditioning, in its compact, low-noise design. After a quick forklift set-up, it provides plug-and-play installation at ground level, connecting directly to the existing, power-limited, low-voltage grid. Ultra-fast EV charging is supported in numerous areas, from inner cities to rural areas where high-voltage grids are often unavailable.

ADS-TEC has said that its new system is ideal for sites such as gas stations, car dealerships, transport logistics companies, offices, and commercial buildings. It can work similarly for fleet operators whose vehicles run in multiple shifts and need to be recharged quickly. The company has said that it can also provide an alternative to the AC wall chargers found in large residential buildings or neighborhoods.

The configurable battery capacity of ChargePost is between 143 and 201 kW, while the integrated charging cable (with an uncooled CCS1/CCS2 connector) is at least three meters long. The 10-inch touchscreen interface includes a payment terminal for customers to use once their charging session has ended. The integrated battery system also serves as an energy platform: In conjunction with a photo-voltaic (PV) system, low-cost in-house electricity can be used to charge EVs or for grid services. The possibility of feeding stored energy bidirectional back into the grid – available in the first half of 2023 – is a special feature of the ChargePost and opens up completely new business models for operators.

The optional 75-inch 4K displays on ChargePost’s side panels offer advertising opportunities for charge point operators. CPOs can also sell the system’s advertisement space to other brands. In enhancing the system’s reparability, ADS-TEC have built ChargePost with direct access to modular functional units such as battery elements, cooling, and monitors. These battery modules can be replaced individually as needed, and an intelligent control system optimizes the system for ideal operation – increasing longevity efficiency.