Tritium has announced that bp placed the largest order from a single customer since it began operations. The energy company will install Tritium chargers for fleet use, and for use by the general public, in the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, and Australia.

While neither company specified how many chargers will be sent through the order, bp advised that its purchase would help expand bp pulse – its EV charging business. Tritium is supplying the chargers to the business as part of a previously announced multi-year contract signed with bp for chargers and related services to support the company’s growth in electrification.

bp’s order includes a mix of Tritium’s 50-kW RTM and 150-kW PKM chargers. The RTM is Tritium’s first modular charger and offers fast-charging on DC. Designed for network operators, dealerships, and the retail and hospitality industries, it leverages a single person lift power module system for easier power upgrades, maintenance, and serviceability. Using Tritium’s micro-grid design, the high-powered, modular, PKM charger aims to deliver higher charger availability and power output. The model has been utilized by fleets, network operators, heavy commercial units, retail, and hospitality.

Tritium expects to produce the chargers destined for bp’s European and American markets at its Lebanon, Tennessee facility. The chargers ordered for bp’s Australia markets are expected to be manufactured in Tritium’s Brisbane factory.