SoundHound AI has partnered with Perplexity, a conversational AI-powered answer engine to bring Perplexity’s online LLM capabilities to the SoundHound Chat AI voice assistant.

Through the partnership, the assistant will leverage Perplexity to provide accurate, up-to-date responses to web-based queries. Here, Perplexity will allow users to ask a question such as “How does the price of gas this week compare to last week?”, and the response will combine accurate, live information on gas prices with a comprehensive generative AI-style explanation that provides further context. The user can then follow-up with “Navigate to the nearest gas station,” which uses SoundHound’s technology to incorporate data from appropriate sources and integrate it with the navigation software of a device such as a car or a phone.

SoundHound’s voice AI products leverage the company’s experiences across AI, speech recognition, and natural language processing. Its proprietary technology allows for enhanced speed and accuracy, enabling the user to speak naturally to access a vast range of real-time knowledge domains (such as flight times, sports scores, music selection, and restaurant search), and generative AI responses (from multiple LLMs), as well as Perplexity’s web-search results.

SoundHound Chat AI itself leverages a specially developed arbitration technology that uses a combination of software engineering and machine learning to intelligently select the most appropriate response, minimizing harmful ‘AI hallucinations’.