Scania has launched Erinion, its new fully-owned company that will provide depot and destination charging solutions for heavy vehicle fleets.

In launching Erinion, Scania is looking to address challenges faced by trucking companies as they transition to electrification such as high upfront costs, range anxiety, long charging times, and uncertainties about total cost of ownership (TCO) through purpose-built charging solutions.

To achieve this goal, Erinion plans to install 40,000 charge points before 2030 across a range of locations, depending on the customer’s needs. Here, Scania will look to provide Erinion solutions at depots, terminals, or centers from which the vehicles depart from and return to. By placing its charging infrastructure at these predefined locations, Erinion aims to help customers enable predictable charging schedules, increased uptime, maximized operational efficiency and cost reductions.

Taking a deeper dive into the benefits of its charging solutions, Erinion highlighted the optimized efficiency, premium uptime, and improved TCO they deliver through customer-tailored solutions leveraging precise data and swift integration, as well as enhanced energy usage, reduced downtime, and lower maintenance costs.

Erinion will likewise provide tailored solutions for various segments within the trucking sector, including transport buyers (1PL), transport operators (2PL), logistics operators (3/4PL), and real estate developers/owners. This brand-agnostic approach will ensure the company’s charging infrastructure and operational services are accessible to a broad range of companies to foster EV adoption and encourage electrification.

Scania confirmed that Jonas Hernlund, who previously served as Einride’s Chief Commercial Officer, will serve as Erinion’s CEO.