WeaveGrid, a software company supporting EV adoption on the electric grid, and Emporia Energy, a provider of home energy management solutions, have announced a new partnership to make smart EV charging more accessible by expanding access to utility managed charging programs for Emporia EV charger owners.

Here, WeaveGrid will integrate its intelligent software with Emporia Energy’s EV chargers – enabling seamless participation in utility-managed charging programs and grid optimization initiatives. The companies say that this integration will help EV drivers with Emporia see reduced charging costs, enhanced grid reliability, and more detailed charging insights.

For example, by automatically aligning charging with periods of high renewable energy availability or low grid demand, paired with time-varying utility rates, drivers can potentially reduce the charging costs on their electric bills. At the same time, WeaveGrid’s software helps to manage EV charging demand in real-time, ensuring grid stability and preventing potential strain on the electric grid distribution system. The integration’s charging insights likewise allow drivers to see additional information about their charging patterns and costs through a weekly wrap-up of charging history.

WeaveGrid plans to launch its partnership with Emporia soon at select utility managed charging programs administered by the company.