Turkcell announced the deployment of communication infrastructure for eCall systems in connected automobiles. As the company brings together telecommunications and automotive industry in one system, eCall system will enable calling emergency lines and receiving incoming calls backed by Turkcell’s reliable and resilient network – also, connected automobiles get smarter and can transfer data through the system.

Turkcell’s operator interface will be used in the modules that satisfy the requirements of eCall system – and as the equipment will be installed abroad a Turkish operator’s SIM properties will be used in vehicles manufactured abroad for the first time.

eCall to save lives

Connected automobiles and vehicles with eCall systems will enable a new way of immediate interference for possible accidents. eCall systems will play a vital role in detecting the location of the automobile and its condition after the accident, the victim’s potential status and the risks involved with the accident.

The data collected during and after the accident will be transferred to the emergency line through the GSM network over the telematics control unit in the automobile. The system will serve as an instrument for gathering information about the passengers’ health, starting an automatic voice call – and save lives at scale.