Gett, the global leader in corporate on-demand transportation, announces the closure of its New York rideshare business, Juno, effective today. Gett also announces a strategic partnership with Lyft to enable Gett’s corporate clients to access rides in the United States beginning next year.

Gett serves over 15,000 companies, including a third of the Fortune 500. Through the Lyft partnership, Gett’s corporate customers traveling in the United States will be able to request rides through the Gett app and be matched with a driver on the Lyft network. This partnership will allow Gett to expand its reach across the United States, seamlessly serving its business clients on the Lyft network, all through Gett’s SaaS platform for business travelers. 

Juno is shutting down in New York as a result of both Gett’s increased focus on the corporate transportation sector and the enactment of misguided regulations in New York City earlier this year. Juno drivers will be paid in full by Juno for all rides completed by Juno’s service end-date. All Juno riders will be invited to join Lyft.