Citroën has unveiled a new logo, as well as a new brand identity and signature, through which it intends to signal a new chapter in its history. The refresh coincides with the brand’s electrification plans, through which it aims to make electric mobility more accessible.

The automaker’s new logo reinterprets its first logo, which was designed by founder André Citroën in 1919 and inspired by chevron-shaped gear systems. This chevron shape, described as a ‘technical “deux chevrons” reference’, has been at the center of the brand’s corporate identity ever since. The logo revealed today marks the tenth iteration of the Citroën logo since its formation in 1919 and features wider chevrons that sit inside a vertical oval frame. It will debut in late September on a concept family vehicle before appearing on further concept and production models from the middle of 2023. Accompanying it is the brand’s new signature, “Nothing Moves Us Like Citroën”, which will be used in corporate and product communications.

In refreshing its corporate identity, Citroën took inspiration from non-automotive brands to ensure it conveyed a greater sense of accessibility and could be experienced across a number of settings. Here, the new identity works to streamline the customer experience, developing a simplified user interface that is more visually consistent across the customer’s journey – from Citroën’s marketing materials through to its showrooms.

Similarly, in embracing new digital aesthetic trends, customers have the option to enable the identity’s new ‘dark mode’ across Citroën’s digital user experiences. Likewise, a new animatic language will ensure that the identity is featured across all of the brand’s digital touchpoints, including its in-vehicle HMI screens and the My Citroën App. The new identity will also be used in a broad variety of physical areas, spanning merchandising and documentation as well as signage for dealership and corporate buildings.

Across both mediums, two new colors will feature across the revamped identity – Monte Carlo Blue and Infra-Red. In addition to appearing in corporate and retail applications, Monte Carlo Blue will be featured on Citroën’s forthcoming vehicles, while the Infra-Red will replace the current shade of red used by the OEM and support physical, print, and digital applications.

Citroën confirmed that the new identity had been developed by its internal design team with support from Stellantis Design Studio – Stellantis’ own brand design agency for internal and external clients.