Enteligent has revealed its DC-to-DC solar hybrid bi-directional EV charger at the Intersolar NA 2023 event in Long Beach, California. Powered by solar energy, the charger can supply 25 kW of fast DC charging while supporting vehicle-to-home and vehicle-to-grid capabilities – helping customers benefit from reduced energy costs.

The charger differentiates itself from a typical home AC charger by eliminating the AC-to-DC conversion process. Enteligent has said that this process, which occurs as the vehicle charges up, can result in energy loss and longer charging times. Likewise, by eliminating it, the company claims that users can benefit from up to 25% in total energy savings and reduced charging times.

While many AC home chargers are intended to be used overnight, Enteligent’s solution has been designed for use during the daytime to maximize the amount of solar power it can consume and convert into electricity to charge the user’s EV.