Porsche has updated Roads – its free smartphone app that helps users plan and navigate through scenic routes – with new AI functionality and a stronger community focus.

At the center of the upgrade is a new route generator, which leverages AI to map out the optimal route between a start and end point selected by the user. Instead of displaying the fastest route between these points, Porsche has said that this algorithm will choose the most suitable one based on the user’s preference – with the OEM citing ‘curvy, balanced, or particularly dynamic’ options as key examples.

In addition to highlighting their chosen route, the app’s built-in navigation can be used to save, evaluate, and share routes with the Roads community. If the user wishes to take a route outside of the app, its integration with Apple CarPlay allows for any route to be transferred directly onto the central infotainment screen of their vehicle.

The app’s region-based dashboard helps users understand and navigate a variety of routes located in different regions. Here, dynamic filters can be used to find suitable routes for their next drive, while in-app shortcuts can quickly identify the most popular routes created in the generator. While the app can generate dedicated routes with AI, it also provides further assistance through a ‘route of the week’ feature that displays a rotating list of interesting routes alongside detailed descriptions and images.